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Maryland’s uncertain economic future is, without question, the single biggest issue confronting our State.  Unemployment is too high, long term unemployment has rarely been worse, rents are increasingly unaffordable, and too many of us wonder how we're going to pay our bills.  And a large and growing number of us in Montgomery County are affected, from families newly arrived from El Salvador or Venezuela to fourth generation Marylanders; lots of us lie awake at night worrying how we are going to make it through tomorrow.


I’ve built businesses and created jobs.  I’ve crafted successful  federal, state, and local economic development and housing programs nationwide.  I’m one of our nation’s leaders in the use of online education to train workers.  I have roots in our County’s nonpublic and public schools and can help Annapolis end the gridlock over its inadequate support for nonpublic education.  I’ve lived and been active in community activities in Montgomery County and in our District for more than thirty years. 


Among all the candidates for the vacant District 19 Delegate seat, I have the most comprehensive proposals for creating jobs, improving our economy, making rental housing more affordable, and strengthening our middle class.  I also have the most relevant professional and personal experiences, among all the candidates, needed to turn those comprehensive proposals into law as a first term legislator in Annapolis.


“Creating New Opportunities for Maryland.” 


That’s my platform.  And that’s why I’m running for District 19 Delegate.


So check out my ideas.  If you like what you see, consider getting involved and donating to the campaign.


Thanks!  Let's create a fresh economic start for Maryland together!


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