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My Platform:  Provide better coordination among our State’s building, environmental, and transit plans to transform state goals goals for more smart growth into real results.  Require the majority of new state funded housing and economic development projects within urban and suburban locales to be sited within close proximity of existing mass transit centers.  Support the proposed Bus Rapid Transit Network on such roads as 97 and 29, provided that the final plan to emerge does not result in even greater vehicular congestion and is not funded by creating, in essence, an open ended improvements tax on nearby residents.  Fund long promised improvements to the 97 / 28 intersection.


My Experience:  As a senior HUD official, I helped craft HUD’s first programs that put real muscle behind federally subsidized smart growth development.


I can therefore use this experience to be a leader of legislative efforts in Annapolis to make statewide smart growth a reality.

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