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The Washington Post Endorsement

It is an honor to be endorsed by The Washington Post. In their editorial they wrote:

"District 19: Sam Arora’s decision not to seek a second term in the House gives this district around Silver Spring an opportunity to elect Paul Bardack, a policy-oriented former federal housing official with extensive experience creating jobs in the private sector. He would round out a strong team anchored by Benjamin F. Kramer andBonnie L. Cullison. Mr. Bardack’s idea of cutting corporate taxes to offset the impact of the state’s minimum-wage increase on small and mid-size businesses is a business-friendly proposal in a state that needs more of those."

What a great way to kick off the final month before the June 24th Democratic primary!

There is still much to be done before the primary. Please consider donating and/or volunteering for the campaign. Every little bit helps. Your ongoing support is greatly appreciated!

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