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Why I Back Bardack: Bob Rovinsky

I have known Paul Bardack both professionally and personally for over 10 years and I believe he would make an excellent Delegate for the following reasons:

  1. He is a warm, honest, open individual - what you see in Paul is what you get.

  2. He has experienced success in his business and personal lives, as a husband, father, entrepreneur, manager and director, and he has experienced problems common to many of his future constituents - loss of jobs, financial hardship, problems in getting services. This makes him both sensitive to the challenges you face in these tough times and also a person who gets things done and perserveres no matter what.

  3. I passed on the Presidency of a non-profit organization to Paul some years ago, and he did an excellent job. From watching him I know that he is a quick learner, resilent, and can make tough decisions while showing a committment to ethical and principled action.

  4. He is a deeply religious person who works with all faiths and those who have none, and he acts for the betterment of the world at all times.

  5. He has excellent political skills, and will be able to work with folks of all parties and persuasions without compromising his values or the interests of those he serves.

I recommend Paul with no reservations.

Bob Rovinsky

Independent Consultant and Educator

Former FAA Director and Former President of the Jewish Study Center

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