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Meeting District 19 Neighbors

Yesterday was a long, yet fulfilling day on the campaign trail. Per usual, my day started before the sun came up, answering emails and looking over questionnaires, but by mid-morning I was out and about in District 19, knocking on doors and meeting neighbors. I walked all over Leisure World, all over University Towers Condominiums, and all over Longmead Crossing. I passed out hundreds of palm cards and spoke to many folks who really care about the issues facing our community: jobs, smart growth, education, and housing.

I know I must be gaining some traction because a man stopped me in the halls of UTC and said, "Hey, aren't you that candidate for delegate?" That might not seem like much to all of you, but to me, it means that my District 19 neighbors are paying attention. They're seeing my face, reading my platform, and getting a better understanding of who I am and what I can do for this community.

After a long day of knocking on doors, I was able to attend the DCC District 3 Candidates Forum held at Bauer Rec Center - just around the corner from where my daughter and daughter-in-law attended high school (Rockville High School - Go Rams!).

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