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Why I Back Bardack: Alan Apter

My name is Alan Apter and for nearly 14 years, my wife and I have lived in Montgomery County. Our children graduated from Rockville High School, we worship together at our local synagogue, and we are frequently involved in community events. This is all to say that the well-being of District 19 is important to me, and I believe that Paul Bardack is the best candidate to represent me, my family, and my neighbors in the Maryland House of Delegates.

I met Paul several years ago when my daughter and his son started dating. Paul I found to be a man with a passion for life and a desire to help his community. I have seen how he reacts to the social ills around him by looking for solutions that can really be implemented and sustained. Many people want to help their fellow man, but not many can do it in ways that will allow people to grow and improve their own lives, Paul is the exception. He has spearheaded projects that help people, like distance learning and enterprise zones. I remember how impressed I was with him, when I learned that he was in charge of the project that linked school classrooms with the space station to conduct science projects to encourage children’s interest in STEM. At the time I thought it was wonderful idea. I want to support a man who can make such things happen.

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