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Leisure World Meet & Greet - March 24th, 2014

Last night, I had the opportunity to speak in the Clubhouse of Leisure World of Maryland to an incredible group of senior citizens who live in and around Leisure World. The neighbors I met last night have called District 19 home for decades. They care deeply about the pain, especially the financial pain, facing our community.

Repeatedly, I was asked about my plans for job creation, job training, transportation, and housing. I responded by pointing to my experience creating two successful businesses, my experience creating enterprise zones, my experience in the distance learning field, and my experience in creating affordable housing programs. I expounded upon the details of my platform which will strengthen our community.

I am a businessman and a social activist. Coming from both worlds helps me see all sides of an issue. And so, I know how to craft real solutions to the very real problems facing our community.

Thank you to the residents who attended last night's meet and greet; I look forward to getting to know more of our District 19 neighbors at future Leisure World events!

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