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A Day in the Life of a Candidate for Delegate

Several people have asked me what a typical day is like for me as a candidate. Here's yesterday's schedule, verbatim:

4:30AM - Awake

5:15AM - Campaign emails

7:00AM - Participate in MC Hispanic Chamber of Commerce event in Rockville

9:30AM - Campaign phone calls

11:30AM - Lunch with Aspen Hill supporters

1:00PM - Campaign emails

2:15PM - Write thank you's to donors

2:45PM - Campaign phone calls

4:30PM - Candidate meet-and-greet in Leisure World

5:30PM - Campaign in Leisure World before LW County Executive Forum

7:00PM - LW County Executive Forum

9:30PM - Dinner with Kemp Mill supporters

10:00PM - Campaign emails

10:45PM - Finalize tomorrow schedule

11:15PM - Catch up with Eti on our respective days

11:45PM - Sleep; set alarm for 5:15AM

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