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Last night, I had the pleasure of meeting with members of the Greater Olney Civic Association. One topic discussed was a potential funding mechanism for the proposed Rapid Bus Network along Route 97. One proposed legislative solution would be to create a special taxing district in the neighborhood, one that would have the nearby residents pay an added tax for the network -potentially forever. While the middle and working class people of Olney, like those throughout our county, are struggling to make ends meet, now is not a time to add a new tax upon them. The goal articulated in tonight's GOCA meeting - improved traffic flow down one of our region's main traffic thoroughfares - is a good one; but paying for it via a special taxing district is not the way to go about it.

Another concern expressed regarded the failed intersection of Routes 97 and 28, an intersection I've watched deteriorate over the decades I've lived nearby in terms of its ability to meet the growing traffic demands placed upon it. As part of the overall ICC plan, that intersection was long ago supposed to be improved, and I agree with those in Olney and elsewhere who call upon the state to live up to its prior commitment.

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