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Manor Lake Civic Association

I spoke before the Manor Lake Community Civic Association yesterday evening, and my message seemed to resonate: help small businesses struggling to emerge from the recession, provide smarter economic development and employment training strategies to create more jobs, create a statewide volunteer corps to help seniors seeking to live more independently, and make rental housing more affordable.

We met at Bel Pre Elementary School (temporarily housed at the Northlake Center on Bauer Drive) and among those who volunteered to help the campaign were school teachers and janitors, neighborhood seniors, and working parents.

My committee, chaired by Manor Lake resident Alan Apter, is named "Working Families and Seniors for Paul Bardack." It was heartening to hear at the association meeting that my message is connecting with our district's residents. With your help, together we can stenghten the wonderful neighborhoods that are the backbone of District 19.

I am interested in meeting more District 19 neighbors! If you would like me to speak to your neighborhood association, or simply listen in on the issues that concern you most, then please drop me a line via our Contact page.

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