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District 19 Annual Senator/Delegates Dinner

Today, I traveled with a crowd from Leisure World to Annapolis to attend the annual dinner of District 19 activists, sponsored by Senator Manno and Delegates Arora, Cullison, and Kramer. It was great to see so many old friends I’ve known from my 30 plus years of living in the neighborhood, people I’ve recently met on the campaign trail, and people I just met this evening.

What made me feel particularly good was how many people came up to me, even people I had never met before, to wish me well in my campaign and to say they support me. “Way to go, Paul.” “Give ‘em hell!” “Paul, I think you’re by far the most impressive of the bunch running.” “I’ll vote for you.” “You’ve got my support.” “I’d like to work for your campaign.” “I’m voting for you.” “You’re a natural at this, Paul.” “Go get ‘em.”

All I can say in response is, "Wow!" Thank you for your support. I pledge to do my best, during the campaign and beyond, to continue to earn the trust you have placed in me.

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