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Kemp Mill Civic Association Meeting

My wife and I live in Kemp Mill, and I just returned home after attending the monthly meeting at Kemp Mill ES of the Kemp Mill Civic Association. I’m guessing there were something like fifty or sixty people there, and --- having attended countless neighborhood based meetings like this over the thirty plus years I’ve lived in Montgomery County --- I was struck by four things: by the energy, by the large turnout, by the frustration surrounding possible historic designation of the Wheaton Community Recreation Center, and mostly by the large number of people I knew in the room.

Two of my kids went to the Hebrew Day Institute some fifteen years ago with the man sitting next to me. I have been playing recreational baseball for twenty years with a friend on the other side of the room. My father in law and I have attended religious services at Shomrei Emunah with the father and son seated two rows behind me. My wife taught the daughter of the woman sitting in the back. My kids used to car pool with the kids of the couple standing toward the side. And on and on and on.

It’s a nice feeling to campaign among friends and neighbors who have known me and my family for a long, long time. My wife and I have gotten a lot from these people, and so many others, the past three decades or so. My campaign is about giving back to them.

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