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My Platform:  Provide more and better job training online to allow low and moderate income Marylanders whose lives are already over-burdened to be able to receive training anytime and anywhere convenient to them.  Expand funding for apprenticeship programs for high school students, to assure that they have skills and contacts needed to obtain and keep jobs upon graduation.


My Experience:  I created and led George Mason University’s Center for Online Workforce Development, the nation’s first think tank focused on new ways to use technology to train low and moderate income workers.  I’ve advised the Obama Administration, the Congress, Fortune 1000 companies, national trade associations, and the media on new ways to provide online job training.  I have been invited to speak on the future of online job training within the Israeli Knesset, the British House of Commons, the US House of Representatives, the US Senate, and the National Press Club.  And I led nationwide economic mentoring programs for inner-city Hispanic, African-American, and Asian teenage girls and boys for The National Mentoring Partnership.  


I can therefore be a leader of legislative efforts in Annapolis to provide new approaches to job training.

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